It is just when winter approaches that nunofelt fabric finds its best way to express in warm, soft and light clothes.

The main protagonists of this season are tops made of nunofelt and jersey: Merino wool plays with chiffon transparency while jersey fabric gives you comfort and wearability.

Even jackets with knitted sleeves are an absolute must have for the winter season, wearable as jackets and comfortable as knitted jumpers, to face the cold with glamour. Moreover, waistcoats, skirts, and mini dresses that can also be worn with slim-fit pants or jeans, for those who prefer a more casual outfit.

Must-have of this winter collection is the polka dot dress, where a cascade of woollen polka dots plays with the transparency of the chiffon, a very unique dress for very special occasions.

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Blouse (light-weight). Wool decorates the chiffon on the front, which doubled with cotton or viscose jersey solves the inconvenient of transparency, without changing nunofelt lightness.

Waistcoat (medium-weight). A light woollen layer for a sleeveless waistcoat with cowl neck.

Jacket (medium-weight) The jacket is made of nunofelt, including cuffs, with woollen knitted sleeves. A warm, light and very comfortable item of clothing, wearable as a jacket and comfortable and warm as a sweater.

Dress and mini dress (light-weight) The wool on the mini dress plays with the transparency of silk chiffon. To wear on pants.
Skirt (light-weight). Transparencies are the main protagonist even on the skirt.