For the summer season nunofelt fabric becomes very lightweight, almost impalpable and plays maliciously with chiffon and organdie transparencies.
Butterflies, flowers and leaves in lively but delicate colours, which blur until blending with the fabric.
Kimono tunics, loose dresses, tops, maxi t-shirts as well as vests which unveil shoulders and back.
And for those who love them, geometries to play with colour contrasts.


Maxi t-shirt (light-weight). Kimono-shaped in silk or cotton-and-silk chiffon can be short-sleeved or three-quarter-sleeved.

Dress (light-weight). To wear with or without belt, its tunic shape makes it suitable for all sizes. In silk georgette with delicate woollen drawings.

Tunic (light-weight). It has the same shape of the dress but it is shorter and with open sleeve.

Short top (light-weight). Its shape resembles a trapezoid and the short sleeve is in chiffon or silk organdie.