Warm and wrapping scarves to protect from cold winters, original and colourful snoods, light and smart stoles to wear in spring… There are a lot of colourful accessories in nunofelt that can enrich your style and snuggle you.


Scarf, stole and snood (medium-weight). A uniform layer in felted merino wool on a chiffon or silk georgette voile for a light but warm accessory.
Snoods can be available in the tubular model or with the lateral button-fastening.
Scarves measure around 25 x 180 cm, while stoles measure around 60 x 180 cm.

Stole and mini scarf (lightweight). Tufts of merino wool slightly decorate a chiffon or silk georgette voile. The mini scarf originates from the same idea of lightness but in a smaller scale (around 30 x 160 cm)