Textiles you want to touch even before you look at them

Chiffon, crepe georgette, silk gauze are all fine fabrics that extra fine pure merino wool can be worked into: nunofelting is used to produce tailored garments and accessories with great attention paid to details.

With careful craftsmanship, different fibres bond and create a display of colors and transparencies. Exclusive garments, which you are instinctively tempted to touch just to get a feel of their lightness, texture and softness of the fabric.

Each item produced is unique because of the technique used to create it. The skill lies in the ability to pander to the nature of the fibres making them bond and hook together with surprising results. The technique can be used with a variety of fibres other than wool and silk, like hemp, flax, viscose, pure silk Mulberry fibres and a plant fibre called ramie.

This is how versatile garments are created. Outfits, which can be worn for special occasions or for more casual events without ever losing that touch of refined elegance. From scarf-sculptures to delicate blouses and from minimal jackets to more elaborate garments. NunoMilano offers women a truly unique feminine style.