Washing instructions

Nunofelt fabric is precious but it is also simple to maintain.
Dry cleaning is always suggested.

For light-weighted fabrics (such as chiffon, georgette or organdie with a low content of wool):

Tessuto leggero

dry cleaning is suggested, but in case you want to use water, soak for about 10 minutes in mild water using light-duty detergents.
Warning: do not twist the cloth and let it dry off hanging.
Iron the cloth inside out.
In case of oil or other stains on the silk you can use a stain remover. Apply it on the stain and then wash as described above.
To revive the fabric, hang the cloth and iron vertically with a steam iron, slightly leaning it on the cloth.

For medium-weighted fabrics (such as chiffon or silk georgette covered with wool):

tessuti di peso medio

dry cleaning is highly recommended. You can however hand-wash the cloth as described above or use a washing machine ONLY with a wool programme previously tested.
As suggested for light-weighted clothes, iron the cloth inside out.